A Dangerous Man
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  • We open as Shane Daniels (Steven Seagal) stands before a judge in jail house blues.  He listens as the judge tells him that he has the State of Arizona’s apology for spending the last fifteen years incarcerated for a violent murder he didn’t commit - DNA evidence has proven his innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt.  The Judge asks if there is anything he wants to say.  A visibly angry Shane asks them if they can give him his life back.

    Within hours of being released to the streets, Shane finds himself the victim of a street robbery.  Using a combination of brutal boxing and martial arts skills, Shane takes out his two attackers.  Unable to cope in the noisy city Shane takes to the road.  

    He’s sitting on top of his car along a lonely stretch of highway, taking long pulls from a half empty whiskey bottle.  He watches as a state trooper pulls a car over containing two Mexican nationals.  When they kill the state trooper and try to kill the witnesses, Shane is forced to intervene.  In a brutal fight he kills one of the attackers and sends the other running off into the desert.

    When Shane checks on the dead cop he hears noise coming from the trunk of the Mexican national’s car.  Inside he finds an unconscious girl and a duffel bag full of cash.  Fearing that the cops will implicate him in the death of the trooper and knowing that the Mexican national will return with back-up, Shane takes the girl, the cash and one lone survivor into the nearest small town.

    The teen Russian boy he saved is dropped off and Shane takes the now conscious girl to a motel.  She begs him not to turn her over to the cops or the Mexicans.  Shane learns that she was part of an illegal diamond sale that went wrong.  She was taken hostage and her father was supposed to pay a ransom to the Mexican mafia.  If the local police or the Mexicans get her she will be used as ransom and then probably killed.  The girl explains that the town they are in is under the control of the Mexican mafia. She tells Shane that he can keep the cash if he gets her to safety.

    In an action-packed thrill ride, Shane must fight his way through the town and take the girl to safety.  He’ll have to battle the corrupt local cops as well as the Mexican mafia who won’t rest until he and the girl are dead.  As they make their way through the town, the pair must face the truth about those they can trust, as well as their own inner strengths, as they fight their way to Santa Fe, using cunning and brutal force to run a gauntlet of dozens of Mexican Mafia armed with high-powered weaponry.

    In a final showdown, Shane finds unexpected help from the boy he saved back at the rest stop.  Shane utilizes the help of the boy’s father who is a member of the Russian mob to decimate those who stand between him and the freedom he now cherishes.
    Keoni Waxman
    Steven Seagal
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