Time Is Up

DIRECTOR: Elisa Amoruso

Starring Bella Thorne Benjamin Mascolo



Vivien (Bella Thorne) is a high school student who loves numbers. She's studying physics and, in a voiceover, suggests that people are either like atomic particles, or not. TIME IS UP also focuses on two high school swimmers, Steve (Sebastiano Pigazzi), the team's fastest, and tattoo-covered Roy (Benjamin Mascolo), who lives on the wrong side of the tracks. If he can't improve his times, there's no hope of a college scholarship, he's often reminded, and he'll have to work at his dad's garage. Steve and Vivien are a couple, but Steve has been disappearing, not calling or texting when he should. Vivien suspects her mom is having an affair and trails her to find Mom indiscreetly making out with her boyfriend at a local restaurant. Vivien is less astute about her own love life and Steve's affair with his male swim coach. Roy has seen the pair kissing but keeps the information to himself, which doesn't prevent Steve from threatening Roy. When the swimmers head for a meet in Italy, Vivien hops on a plane to surprise Steve but ends up spending the day with Roy and kissing him. When she finds Steve, he's in bed with his coach and the trauma sends Vivien into a dark street, where she's hit by a car. How will everyone recover from this messy situation?

Status: Completed

Genre: Drama