True Justice S1: Film 6 (Urban Warfare)

DIRECTOR: Keoni Waxman

Starring Steven Seagal Meghan Ory Sarah Lind Warren Christie William “Big Sleeps” Stewart



TRUE JUSTICE - “Urban Warfare” Elijah Kane’s (Steven Seagal) knowledge of espionage tactics, reconnaissance equipment, and counter terrorism comes from an education that isn’t taught in Seattle’s police academy, it’s from years of being deep undercover in the war against terrorism. Kane’s history is now causing uncertainty in the team’s future when Mason (William “BIGSLEEPS” Stewart) and Radner (Warren Christie), members of Kane’s Special Investigation Unit, are badly beaten by masked military trained men. Working through the confusion that Kane’s military past is bringing about, Sarah (Sarah Lind) and Juliet (Meghan Ory) are after yet another serial rapist in Seattle. The SIU is put on the case only after it proves too much for Lt. Humphreys’ (guest star Rachel Luttrell) Special Victims Bureau. The team’s caseload continues to rise when they find the bodies of runway models killed in a fashion too disturbing for even this SIU team. Never with a case like the other, the SIU team is stretched thin by the gaining strength of Seattle’s crime world in this episode of TRUE JUSTICE.

Status: Completed

Genre: Action