DIRECTOR: Luke Jaden

Starring Jill Marie Jones Aurora Perrineau Jaden Piner Rob Zabrecky



Halloween - a time for tricks, treats, and harmless scares. Unless you are one of the unfortunate ones to get “Booed.” A Boo! is an urban legend, where a scary chain letter is sent to you and if you don’t forward it right away, you will be haunted by a supernatural dark force and driven to madness. On Halloween morning, a family has the misfortune of receiving a Boo on their doorstep. The father, James (Rob Zabrecky), has no time for ghost stories and burns the chain letter, much to the horror of his 12-year-old son, Caleb (Jaden Piner), who most certainly believes in the power of the Boo! His teenage daughter Morgan (Aurora Perrineau) and troubled wife Elyse (Jill Marie Jones) pay the letter no mind, until they realize the Boo’s curse has unlocked horrific visions of their deepest, darkest fears… Over the course of the evening, each member of the family will experience their own personal vision of hell. The only question is, can they hold onto their sanity long enough to survive their living nightmare?

Status: Completed

Genre: Horror,Thriller