Last Job, The (a.k.a. Crime Story)

DIRECTOR: Adam Lipsius

Starring Richard Dreyfuss Mira Sorvino



Ben Myers (Academy Award Winner RICHARD DREYFUSS) has lived a life brimming with violence and crime, love and loss. An ailing mobster, he comes home to discover that he’s been robbed: everything’s been taken from him. Instead of turning to his police detective daughter (Academy Award Winner MIRA SORVINO), Ben tries to track down the thieves in an increasingly brutal quest for answers that drives him to question what has life been for. Confronting the end, will he make peace with the people he leaves behind? What will his reckoning amount to? Also starring D. W. Moffett, Cress Williams and Pruitt Taylor Vince.

Status: Post-Production

Genre: Thriller,Action