Feel the Dead (fka Age of the Undead S2)


Starring Estella Warren William McNamara Antonio Lujak



In the vein of The Walking Dead, FEEL THE DEAD chronicles a dark world in the grips of a zombie apocalypse. A development in medicine has caused the advent of a new disease, which is quickly spreading worldwide. We follow three groups of people from different backgrounds who band together for one purpose—SURVIVAL. Together, they head towards a safe zone where a zombie vaccination is supposed to be available. Instead, they learn the safe zone is a government plot to round up survivors and exterminate them to ensure the disease will not spread. The group escapes the plot and learns of another location which may provide shelter. However, this will entail a long journey through zombie-invested territory while being chased by government forces. Only by banding together will they give themselves a chance to survive.

Status: Completed

Genre: Horror,Thriller