Age of The Living Dead (Season 1)

DIRECTOR: Paul Tanter

Starring Nicola Posenor David Meadows Estella Warren



In a post-apocalyptic near future, vampires have taken control of the United States eastern seaboard with surviving humans fleeing to the west coast. In the middle is no-man’s land where humans make a weekly blood donation to keep the vampires at bay—for now. The vampires thirst for human destruction is greater than their thirst for blood, as they develop a synthetic blood that would rid their need for humans altogether. Meanwhile, humans will not go down without a fight, and have re-stocked their nuclear arsenal in preparation for an all-out attack against the vampires. Only one girl can prevent mutual destruction—YVONNE. Half human, half vampire, only she can bridge the gap between the warring factions—but can she do it in time?

Status: Completed

Genre: Horror,Thriller