Room 203

DIRECTOR: Ben Jagger

Starring Francesca Xuereb Viktoria Vinyarska Eric Wiegand



When lifelong friends KIM and IZZY relocate to a new city to get away from Kim’s controlling parents and Izzy’s personal demons stemming from the loss of her mother and a suicide attempt, they move into ROOM 203, a quirky apartment with a creepy medieval stained-glass window. But the friends become worried that ROOM 203 may be turning against them when unmistakable signs of a haunting culminate in visions of a menacing crow, leading to Izzy’s rapid mental and emotional decline. With help from her college boyfriend IAN, Kim investigates and discovers that many residents of ROOM 203 have disappeared since the murder-suicide of a married couple fifty years ago. After Kim discovers that RONAN, the building landlord, is the son of the married couple, he attempts to sacrifice her in a horrific ritual to sate the demonic MORRIGU, a spirit which takes the form of a CROW and inhabits the window. Even worse, Izzy is possessed by the Morrigu and murders Ian while under the spirit’s influence. To save Izzy’s life, Kim may need to sacrifice her own.

Status: Completed

Genre: Horror