True Justice S1: Film 5 (Brotherhood)

DIRECTOR: Wayne Rose

Starring Steven Seagal Sarah Lind Warren Christie William “Big Sleeps” Stewart



TRUE JUSTICE - “Brotherhood” Elijah Kane’s (Steven Seagal) city is caught in the crossfire of a gang war between the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, when they attack the dangerous Mexican gang, MS-13, in Seattle and look to flip a profit doing so. While the gangs war on, a single man has taken the financial crisis personally when he holds his neighborhood bank hostage citing they took not only his house; but his life. Now with some experience, the team approaches each group with a different hand. Some criminals need the strong arm as Radner (Warren Christie) and Sarah (Sarah Lind) find out, when they get into a serious brawl at a Yakuza hangout that only infuriates the gang to seek revenge. In “Brotherhood” Seagal is reminded of his tumultuous past, having to deal with a man who’s lost everything; and the Japanese mafia who are invading his jurisdiction and will take down anyone that gets in their way.

Status: Completed

Genre: Action