True Justice S1: Film 1 (Deadly Crossing)

DIRECTOR: Keoni Waxman

Starring Steven Seagal Sarah Lind William “Big Sleeps” Stewart Warren Christie Meghan Ory Gil Bellows



“Deadly Crossing” is an adrenalin-fueled crime drama that follows cop Steven Seagal as Elijah Kane, leader of a Special Investigation Unit, and his skilled four-member team as they track a network of drug dealers and killers led by Russian mastermind, Nikoli Putin (Gil Bellows), in the dangerous outskirts of Seattle. These intense undercover Seattle cops are led by Kane, a mysterious ex-military and karate influenced leader, who doesn’t have time for the paper work or the political headaches that surround a uniformed job. With his edgy tight-knit team he tackles these murderous characters by making and playing by his own rules and getting the job done. His team is dynamic. Andre Mason (William “BIGSLEEPS” Steward) having just been married carries a new level of responsibility to his already tough job as Kane’s right hand man. Andre needs to exert this power over his young and wild west-like team when it comes to Putin. While Brett Radner (Warren Christie) is not much younger, he tackles the streets in his hard-assed approach hoping to please Kane along with tough-minded Juliet Saunders (Meghan Ory), who’s a top cop and has some secrets of her own. Newbie officer Sarah Montgomery (Sarah Lind) becomes a stunning addition to the task force and comes to the team ready for any and all action, very much Kane’s style. Sarah’s wit and beauty make her an attractive target for the rest of the team, specifically Radner, who takes an early liking to the new squad member. The team tracks their criminals with an array of tactics, from staking out strip clubs, which Radner and Mason always seem to enjoy, to testing half-smoked cigarettes for traces of DNA to suspects.

Status: Completed

Genre: Action