Ambushed (FKA Rush)

DIRECTOR: Giorgio Serafini

Starring Dolph Lungren Randy Couture Vinnie Jones



FRANK, late 20’s gangster type, sits with a man, talking. We see this man, MADSEN, is actually dead. A flashback reveals Madsen was with Frank and TONY, along with a duffel bag of cocaine. In the apartment where Frank now sits, he recently shot them both. Next, he proceeds to take the bag and leave with the drugs. While all of this is going on, Frank is talking off camera about how he’s always wanted to be great, remembered. Over at Frank’s loft is EDDIE, his partner, and two girls VICKY and KATHY. Frank and Eddie discuss what has just occurred, with Frank more sure about his plan than his until now, unknowing partner. He has just killed the middlemen, and now they plan to get their drugs straight from the boss, VINNIE SCALEZE. Meanwhile back at the crime scene, DETECTIVE JACK REILLY is at the scene until two DEA Agents, THOMPSON AND MAXWELL, tell him to leave. A flashback reveals Reilly and Madsen had met at a diner before, with Madsen paying off Reilly. The Agents had photographed the meeting, but didn’t completely understand. Back at Frank’s place, he rushes to go to his girlfriend KATE’s house for dinner. In the meantime, Vinnie tells his men to find out who has his drugs. He’s not someone you want to mess with. Before going in for dinner, Frank blows a few lines of coke and also pops a xanax. He is beyond fucked up by the middle of dinner and makes a fool of himself, but still manages to convince Kate to come back home with him. Eddie, meanwhile, is at a club having a great time with his entourage. They meet GLORIA, mid 20’s, and let her sit and hang out with them. Everyone is drinking, having a great time, until two men come in looking for Eddie. A gunfight ensues and the men chase him out of the bar. After a little fight, Eddie is about to kill one of them in an alley when Vinnie shows up. He had sent the men, and Eddie has no choice but to go with them. In the club, the other man grabs Kathy, but Gloria smashes a bottle over his head, knocking him out. Two DEA agents arrive shortly after. At the apartment, Frank and Kate are messing around in the bedroom when Kathy arrives with Gloria. She tells Frank something bad happened to Eddie, and he knows he’s got to go. Kate leaves upset. Frank finds Eddie in the back of the club with Vinnie and his henchmen. Eddie gets beat up pretty bad, but they make a deal to get Vinnie his money in two days so no one gets killed. If they pull this off, he’ll do business with them. Their plan worked. Time passes, both of Eddie and Frank are pulling deals non-stop, selling everything they’ve got. They get Vinnie his money, and he gives them more coke. Back with the DEA, Agents Maxwell and Thompson meet with AGENT BEVERLY ROYCE, who is actually Gloria from earlier. She is working undercover. It’s also clear that her and Maxwell have a personal relationship. The group fights about taking her out because of danger, but in the end, against Maxwell’s idea, it’s decided she’s going to continue. After Frank meets with an associate, SWEETNESS, about selling him weed, the same guy meets with Lt. Reilly. He gets forced to snitch on Frank. Later, Frank sets up a romantic dinner for Kate in her backyard. He is very suave and gets back on her good side. Meanwhile, you see Reilly has been tracking him and now knows about Kate. After dinner, Frank leaves and goes to a bar, where eventually Reilly sneaks in. The place is packed, drugs and drinking everywhere. Eddie is there with Vicky, along with Gloria and Kathy. Reilly gets pummeled and his hand shot after he tries to get Frank to pay him off. They dump him on the side of the road. Eddie can’t believe what just happened. The next day, Reilly is put on suspension for a suspicion of having a drug problem. Afterward, Eddie and Frank are getting tacos, joking and enjoying life. At Kate’s, Reilly arrives and forces his way in. In a rage, he kills her grandmother and takes her hostage. Then back at Frank’s, the agents have surveillance on the hallway and are watching the corridors from the next-door apartment. They are disinterested, joking about what Agent Beverly is doing inside, until they see Reilly come to the door with Kate at gunpoint. Only Vicky, Beverly, and Kathy are home, and when they open the door, Reilly forces his way in. Just after, Frank and Eddie come back. As Reilly waits with the girls in the back room, DEA agents storm in holding Eddie at gunpoint, while Frank hides behind a door. They have Reilly boxed in the back, but he’s not coming out without a fight. One agent gets shot and Vicky tries to run but is also shot. Reilly tries to walk out with Kate as a hostage, when Frank pulls his gun on him. Then, Beverly jumps out of nowhere on to Reilly. As Kate is getting away, Reilly shoots her in the back. A gunfight ensues, killing Reilly, Eddie, and two agents, one whom Eddie strangled. Meanwhile, Frank carries Kate out, killing an agent in his way. They make their way into the elevator, but the police wait on the ground for them. Then, the doors open to reveal Kate, dead, but Frank is gone. He climbed through the emergency exit and made a getaway. A voice over from Frank occurs like in the beginning. Scenes show the dead bodies of various people from the film, along with Vinnie getting arrested. Frank appears to be dead in his car, but then he wakes up. He was just sleeping and he goes along his way down the dusty, desert road.

Status: Completed

Genre: Thriller